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Mr. Jade who was introduced to his musical life when he was a child, he was also introduced to the business world at a young age and established his first organization company in 2000 and started to operate the first Turkish wedding hall in Hessen, Germany.

Famous businessman and singer Mr. Jade continues to stand out with his philanthropic identity  as well as all these talents. The singer, who made a throne in the hearts with his deeds, provided great convenience to both the village and its surroundings by having a primary school built in a village in the Çukurca district of Hakkari. Making a name for himself with his social responsibility projects, Mr. Jade visited Şopengazi animal shelter in İzmir. The famous artist took full marks from the animal lovers by protecting the shelter he visited. Deciding to have a clean water tank built to meet the needs of the animals and employees in the shelter, Mr. Jade immediately started working. He had a 60-meter water line installed in the animal shelter in Izmir. He also had 3 water wells built in Kenya, one of the African countries. This gesture of Mr. Jade, who is known for his philantropy, was appreciated by all the masses. Mr Jade also donated 700,000 saplings during the great Mediterranean fires.

He built a science laboratory at Yarımca Secondary School in Kocaeli and has undertaken numerous social responsibility projects.

Famous businessman and singer Mr. Jade Özkan Şen was one of the participants of the “Best of the Year Award Ceremony” organized by the Barrier-Free Living Foundation for the second time. In the auction held at the night, the original issue of the newspaper Milliyet Independence War, a paper banknote of 100 thousand lira signed by the late businessman Sakıp Sabancı, and a copy of Atatürk’s handwritten Address to the Youth were purchased at auction.

In 2022, he carried dam water to Kılıç Village, which is 10 km away from Sivas İmralı Dam. On this occasion, it facilitated the use of water in agricultural works for the locals of the village, who have been struggling with the water problem for nearly 100 years.

In the big earthquake that shook 10 provinces in February 2023; along with 200 tents and trucks, he made donations of around 200,000 USD (3.5 million TL) and numerous aids to all earthquake zones in Kahramanmaraş and the surrounding provinces.


Özkan Jade Şen was born in 1977 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Mr Jade, who has been acquainted with music since a young age, founded his first company in 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany and he opened his first wedding hall.


In 2010, he opened the 2nd hall MRJADE SAAL Eventlocation in Dusseldorf, Mulheim.


He founded MRJADE CATERING in 2012 and provides catering services to all Europe and London.


In 2015, he founded MRJADE Istanbul company in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been working as a contractor with MRJADE CONSTRUCTION company in Turkey since 2015 and develops construction projects in various cities of Turkey.


In 2018, by opening the MRJADE COFFEE and MRJADE CHOCOLATE company in Germany, it markets quality chocolate and coffee to all of Germany. Their coffee is completely their own product and their own recipe. He started his first musical work in 2018 and released his first single. There are also duet albums with many famous singers to this day. He released 7 singles until 2022.


In 2019, he opened the first MRJADE LOUNGE restaurant in Kayseri, Turkey.


He founded MRJADE CLOTHING and Online Shop in Europe in 2020.


He was on the cover of Forbes America in 2022. He walked with Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 and took his place in the world press. In 2022, he opened MRJADE ITALY restaurant in Istanbul and in the same year he opened MRJADE LOUNGE in Ankara.


He founded the MRJADE hotel company in 2023 and he aims to carry his new projects with European quality to world companies. He was on the cover of GQ America Magazine in 2023.
MRJADE Özkan Şen