MRJADE LOUNGE opened its first branch in Turkey, Kayseri, in 2019, and its second branch in 2022, in Ankara, in front of the Turkish President’s Mansion.  MRJADE is famous for its cocktails, combining international cuisine with hookah (shisha).

It is famous for its meat products, Mediterranean cuisine, Arabian dishes and the latest desserts, from morning breakfasts to dinners, from Italian cuisine to the Far East, accompanied by the latest lounge music. MRJADE, whose hookah is blended with hookah sets designed from Russia and plates brought from Azerbaijan and Dubai, adds success on top of its success.

MRJADE LOUNGE ANKARA; all of them are spread over 600 square meters. This; 300 square meters main hall, 100 square meters upper VIP rooms, and 200 square meters terrace. It has a modern kitchen of 200 square meters and a large number of storage areas. The section for preparing hookah is an area of 100 square meters.

MRJADE LOUNGE KAYSERİ; located in Turkey’s largest shoppıng mall.  There is a main hall of 700 square meters, a terrace of 500 square meters and vip rooms of 200 square meters, a kitchen and a warehouse of 250 square meters.




Food and Beverage